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Back Story

Grown in the far west mountains of Nepal at altitudes above 2,500 metres, this Himalayan Landrace strain is cultivated and harvested by local families using traditional methods of farming. The high-altitudes enriches the terpene content and the functional properties of the cannabis plants, which are used locally for their therapeutic and healing properties, both as food and medicine. 


The Himalayan Landrace has been reported to induce feelings of physical euphoria with a noticeable cerebral effect, including creativity and concentration, and an overall uplifting effect. 

Aromas and Flavours

A sweet, spicy aroma is characteristic of this terpene, with tones of cardamom, cinnamon, clove and sandalwood transpiring through.

Dominant Terpenes

The improved mental activity and well-being may be explained in part by the presence of Pinene in this elixir-like terpene. Other dominant profiles found in the Himalayan strain are Humulene and Limonene.


This versatile terpene can be used in a variety of applications, including aromatherapy, CBD products, e-liquids, tinctures, and edibles. Its complex and layered flavor profile makes it an excellent choice for use in a wide range of products.