Pure Nepali Hash Landrace

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Product Highlights


- Extracted from cannabis plants cultivated in small batches.
- Plants grown naturally, using organic fertiliser at high altitudes.
- All-year round photo-period of 12 hours sunlight per day.
- Tested for over 150 terpene types. Perfect product entourage.
- Reported therapeutic properties for health products.

- Dominant terpene profiles: Pinene, Limonene, Humelene and Myrcene

- Reported effects: physical euphoria, creative and calm. 

- Reported to help alleviate depression, anxiety and pain.

- Sweet, spicy aroma, with tones of cardamom, cinnamon, clove and sandalwood.

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Back Story

As one of the older landraces, this cannabis plant is grown in the far west mountains of Nepal at altitudes above 2,500 metres. The Nepali Hash Landrace strain is cultivated and harvested by local families using traditional methods of farming. 

Used in culinary applications, they produce substantial and nutrient-rich seeds. These plants are strong and thrive well, displaying significant resistance to outdoor pests. The high-altitudes enriches the terpene content and the functional properties of the cannabis plants, which are used locally for their therapeutic and healing properties, both as food and medicine. 


The Nepali Landrace has been reported to induce feelings of intense cerebral effect and an overall physical euphoria, feeling energised and focused, all the while being calm and present. Some report the terpenes help support with feelings or depression or anxiety, as well as alleviating pain.

Aromas and Flavours

Sweet spices are characteristic of this terpene, with tones of cardamom, cinnamon, clove, fennel and sandalwood transpiring through.

Dominant Terpenes

The improved mental activity and well-being may be explained in part by the presence of alpha-Pinene and Limonene in this elixir-like terpene, while the calming effects could be attributed to Myrcene. Other dominant profiles found in the Nepali strain are beta-Caryophyllene and Humulene.

See our analysis report for more details on the terpenes within Himalayan strains.


This versatile terpene can be used in a variety of applications, including aromatherapy, CBD products, e-liquids, tinctures, and edibles. Its complex and layered flavour profile makes it an excellent choice for use in a wide range of products.