Northern Lights

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Product Highlights


- Dominant terpene profiles: Pinene, Myrcene and Limonene.

- Reported effects: Elated feelings, creativity, and a positive mind-set + deep relaxation and pain-relief.

Earthy, pine fragrance with musky notes

- Premium terpene quality, great product entourage.

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Back Story

This pure indica strain emerged from the coupling of indigenous Thai landrace and Afghani strains. 


Some users report a deep relaxation effect from this blend, coupled with elated feelings of happiness, creativity, a positive mind-set as well as deep relaxation and pain-relief. It's not uncommon that this terpene has been used to improve sleep.

Aromas and Flavours

Expect an earthy, pine fragrance with musky notes, along side bittersweet and sweet spicy aromas. 

Dominant Terpenes

The main terpene within this blend is Pinene, not only giving it the pine punch, but also its reported sedating effect. Other dominant terpenes are Limonene and Myrcene


This versatile terpene can be used in a variety of applications, including beers, oils, e-liquids, and edibles. Its herbal and spicy aromas tend to be a great companion for herbal beer brewing as well as relaxing oils.