Especially while much of the market trend is changing towards natural terpenes - and more so Cannabis-Derived terpenes for their unparalleled aromas, flavours and functional effects.

While they prefer their end-products to enjoy the qualities of organic and natural terpenes, the price points make it difficult for them to work with.

We setup a partner project with 12 of our customers for the purpose of finding the right balance for mixing CDTs with Strains or Botanicals. 


We did this project with ONE THING in mind.


To achieve the beneficial properties of CDTs in their end-products, while keeping costs lowered through the mix of Strains and Botanicals.


While we approached this through a scientific method, we also realised throughout the experimentation process that much of this comes together in the art of the process as well as the base products or raw materials that each customer uses.

So use these ratios as “Guidelines” rather than “Gospel”.