We find that a minimal amount is usually good enough to start with.

Start low and go slow.


Usually, even at 0.5%-1% terpenes, the smell is pretty strong.

No matter what kind of vape oil you’re whipping up, remember to save the terpenes for last.

They’re super concentrated, and you won’t need a lot for that tasty flavor kick. 

Start low and add as you go, with 3%-4% terpenes.

For pronounced CDTs effects, increase the ratio. 


For the mixing process, keep temperatures as low as possible, max 60 degrees.

You might want to seal your product and let it sit for a full day. This gives those terpenes plenty of time to mingle and infuse your product with those extra vibrant flavors, scents, and a genuinely unique experience

Suggested use varies between 0.005% - 0.02% (1ml for 20L - 1ml for 5L), though we think it’s ultimately a property of the brewer’s experimentation. 


The terpenes should be dissolved in a solvent of at least 190 proof or isopropyl alcohol 95% or more, with a terpene:solvent ratio of 1:5 (range to 1:9)

Regarding when to add in the terpenes, we see brewers have different preferences: some add the terpenes on the cold side during the dry hopping, others choose to do it later with the bright tank. 


During the latter, using a few bursts of CO2 helps to mix them well.