Cannabis Essentials 10ml & Blends 50ml Mixes

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Choose from our pre-made blends, or create your own!


You get 10ml Cannabis-Essentials terpene with a 30% discount +
50ml Blends with a 40% discount +

FREE 10ml Blends of your preference. 

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Cannabis Essentials & Blends Promotion

Our cutomers’ preferences for mixing CDTs and Blends, had us put together a promotion that offers both for you at a discount, for a limited-time.

When you make the following order you'll receive:

10ml Cannabis-Essential Terpenes at a 30% discount +
50ml Blends at a 40% discount +
FREE 10ml Blends of your choice.

For this offer you can choose between the available combos:

1. “Berry Breeze Elixir” with Blue Moon + Berries & Cream
Effect: Supports stress relief and physical pain.,
Terpenes: Myrcene and Caryophyllene.
Good for: Stress relief medicinal oils + soothing cosmetics

2. "Paradise Potion” with Fruity Pebbles and Wifi-OG
Effect: Mental clarity, gently euphoric, feelings of ease
Terpenes: α-Pinene, β-Pinene and Limonene and Caryophyllene
Good for: Clarity-inducing oils and vapes, soothing beverages, easing aromas.

Or choose any combination that includes 

1. 10ml from the Cannabis Essentials Collection

2. 50ml from Blends or Botanicals Collection

3. 10ml Blends FREE

You can choose the 10ml terpene from our Cannabis Essentials collection + the 50ml blends from the Strain blends or Botanical blends collection. Let us know your preference in the order comments.

You can get them in seperate bottles, or pre-mixed according to your preference. 

If you have any special requests, or mixes you would like, don't hesitate to include it.

This promotion cannot be used in combination with other running promotions.