Strawberry Cough

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Product Highlights


- Dominant terpene profiles: Myrcene and Linalool, as well as beta-Pinene.

- Reported effects: supports stress + uplifting and euphoric, yet relaxed effects.

-  Strawberry flavour, with berry tones and skunky aromas.

- Premium terpene quality, great product entourage.

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Back Story

Renowned for its delightful aroma reminiscent of fresh strawberries, Strawberry Cough stands as a potent sativa marijuana strain with enigmatic genetic lineage. It is believed to be a genetic cross between a Haze strain and Strawberry Fields. The strain's skunky and berry-infused flavors captivate the senses, while its cerebral and uplifting effects create an aura of euphoria. 


Users report that Strawberry Cough is a particularly appealing choice during times of heightened stress. Some customers show a preference to use this for focused activities, as it provides them with sharp focus: an uplifted and euphoric, yet relaxed effect.

Aromas and Flavours

An ever-present strawberry flavour, with berry tones. A well-rounded sweet, skunky aromas carry it through.

Dominant Terpenes

The major terpene content includes relaxing, sedating feelings of Myrcene and Linalool, as well as beta-Pinene.


This versatile terpene can be used in a variety of applications, including beers, oils, e-liquids, and edibles. Its strawberry aromas tend to be a great companion for berry beer brewing as well as relaxing vapes.